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Alts for All is a research and data site and newsletter for alternative investments, demystifying the confusing world of personal finance and investments. Our newsletter and site were built to empower individual investors and provide them with the knowledge and tools needed to successfully participate in the rapidly growing alternative investment space.

We provide an objective and easily comprehensible turnkey resource designed for both the beginner and market veteran alike, ensuring that you’re able to take advantage of newly accessible investment opportunities irrespective of your level of previous investment experience. The retail investment landscape continues to undergo sweeping transformation, and we want everyone to have access to private market opportunities that have long been limited to high-net-worth and institutional investors.

In addition to our newsletter and reviews on our site, we help investors compare public data on fees, minimum investments, and accessibility across platforms for private market investments – everything from baseball cards to startups. Some of the more ecclectic assets we have covered include SaaS revenue, music royalties, and litigation financing.

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